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Rhythmic Gymnastics is, at its core, both a performance and a competition – a women’s competition that incorporates the beauty of performance art and the intensity of physical sports. The element that makes it a true compositional discipline is its intent to transition and connect physically challenging acrobatic movements through motor activity and advanced corporal flexibility. The movements are presented by trained gymnasts in sync with a carefully chosen piece.

The aesthetic quality of the sport draws from the artistry, elegance, and femininity of both the performance and performers. European gymnasts have grown a reputation for being some of the best gymnasts in the world over the 40 years that sport has developed. As such, a European Championship in the sport can largely be considered a World Championship, or perhaps even a finale in the Olympics.  


The sport commonly involves individuals or groups of 5 performing manoeuvres such as manipulating one or two pieces of apparatusribbonclubs, ball, hoop, rope and freehand (no apparatus). Rhythmic gymnastics classes regularly combine elements of balletgymnasticsdance, and apparatus manipulation. The victor is the participant who earns the most points, determined by a panel of judges, for leaps, balances, pirouettes (pivots), apparatus handling, and execution. Additionally, the choreography in gymnastics classes and competitions aim to cover the entire floor and contain a balance of jumps, leaps, pivots, balances and flexibility movements. Each movement involves a high degree of athletic skill. Physical abilities needed by a rhythmic gymnast include strength, power, flexibility, agility, dexterity, endurance and hand-eye coordination.


Federation Internationale de Gymnastique – The world-wide governing body


FIG designs the Code of Points and regulates all aspects of international elite competition. The largest events in the sport are the Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, World Cup and Grand-Prix Series.


FIG officially recognised the sport in 1962, and held the first World Championships for rhythmics in 1963 in Budapest, Hungary. It was further added as an Olympic sport in 1984, and competition was held in the individual all-around. In 1996, group competition was added. The competition held during the Olympics is open only to female participants. Girls start at a young age, and become age-eligible to compete in the Olympic Games and other major international competitions on January 1st of their 16th year.


Dubai Youth Olympic School of Rhythmic Gymnastics: Home of the best in the sport in UAE


The UAE Rhythmic Gymnastics programme is exclusively created for national & international level students. All our classes are provided by world-renowned female coaches and ballet teachers. Dubai Youth Olympic School of Rhythmic Gymnastics provides the opportunity for gymnasts in Dubai to express their own personality and expression, whilst learning new skills along the way, keeping them interested and active. The UAE Rhythmic Gymnastics programme brings young girls in Dubai through a quest for fun and creative outlet into the gym, in an environment where girls can develop in a social environment with their friends.

The Dubai Youth Olympic School for Rhythmic Gymnastics provides the opportunity for gymnasts to express their own personality and expression, whilst learning new skills along the way, keeping them interested and active. We pride ourselves in the quality of our staff. School’s elite staff includes instructors, coaches, judges, and administrators at all levels. Our certified staff provides the most up-to-date level of coaching for the very best instruction for your child. But most of all, it is the unity of our coaches and our commitment to bring out the best is each child that makes us stand above the rest.

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