Extensive dance classes from the leading Dubai ballet centre

Ballet is a performance art that began in Italy in the 15th century. It incorporates a variety of movements and technical aspects to create the diverse and distinctive dance that we know today. Due to its wide acceptance in France and Russia as a concert dance form, majority of its technical vocabulary are based on French terminology. Today, it is one of the most influential dance forms in the world, inspiring many of the foundational techniques used in other, more modern dance genres.


The importance of ballet mastery

Intensive training is a regular prerequisite in any ballet school. Dubai ballet centre and Rhythmic Gymnastics training institute Dubai Youth Olympic School of Rhythmic Gymnastics aims to provide aspirants with the confidence, technical understanding, and physical prowess to master the basic foundations of the dance art in preparation for competitive forays into the sport on the international stage.


Ballet is a fundamental part of Rhythmic gymnastics. Daily classical ballet and choreography exercises are necessary for all students, to develop a correct body posture with classic arms and feet positions, which are the basics of all rhythmic elements. All balances and pirouettes require proper technique for correct execution.


Receive training and guidance at par with any world-class ballet school in the world


Dubai Youth Olympic school has created an exclusive programme, suitable for our rhythmic students to achieve the best results in all national and international gymnastics levels. At our gymnastics and ballet school, Dubai dance enthusiasts and Olympic aspirants are given a platform to express their own personality and expression, whilst learning new skills along the way.

All our students joining gymnastics training are attending daily classes at the school as a part of a training programme.
To find out more about our classes please contact us at admissions@uae-gymnastics.com