Rope - Light and supple, hemp or synthetic material; use the rope to leap over or skip then add in swings, throws, circles, rotations and figures of eight.

Hoop - made of plastic or wood; rotate the hoop around the hand or body then add rolls, swings, circles, figures of eight, throws, passes through and over the hoop.

Ball - made of rubber or synthetic material, 18 - 20 cms in diameter; rest the ball in the hand then add throws, bounces or rolls.

Clubs - made of plastic material; use the clubs for rhythmical tapping then add mills and small circles, asymmetric movements, throws and catches.

Ribbon - 5 -6 metres long and probably the most popular event for the spectators; use the ribbon for large, smooth flowing movements to make spirals and circles then add swings, circles and serpents.

Freehand - performances without apparatus; instead the emphasis is on style, technique and execution of dance skills. Freehand is most often seen in lower levels.