Under the leadership and guidance of World and Europe Champion of Rhythmic Gymnastics, Honoured Master of Sports; Expert in Physical Education and Sports; Coach of the International category and holder of the Order of Honour for a Contribution in Development of Physical Culture and Sports; Founder of the Dubai Youth Olympic school - Ksenia Dzhalaganiya YOSORG is an exclusive girls-only school in the UAE, offering rhythmic gymnastics training on competitive and high-performance level with individually selected programmes exclusively provided by world renowned female coaches. Through careful guidance, respectful encouragement and the highest standards of our coaches, all students are developed properly for their future as elite level athletes. 



~ Empowering youth through power of sport​ ~


  • Introduce the beautiful women-only sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics to the girls of the UAE
  • Develop young girls into confident and strong personalities
  • Strive to raise professional and world-class athletes whom could represent national teams
  • Assist in promotion of UAE's presence in national and international sporting events and competitions



Our philosophy is to raise competitive and high-level gymnasts from early age; assist in developing skills for general movement, health and participation in the competitive program. RG is a unique sport for girls, which promotes developing coordination and agility, grace and elegance, confidence and charm.


YOSORG's guiding principle is to nurture and develop young girls into confident, strong, talented and beautiful athletes .There is most definitely a right way to carry out this process, and The School has developed this into a science. There is no inappropriate pressure or harsh methods used to push girls before they are ready. Our training system respects each child’s unique mental and physical developmental stages as she progresses in the sport and achieves her potential. Whether practicing for a short time or for national and international success, all of The School students gain tremendously from their time training and learning about the beautiful sport of RG.



Introducing Rhythmic Gymnastics in the United Arab Emirates 


We aim to further introduce and raise awareness of this beautiful women-only sport in the UAE and look forward to promoting the feminine power of women sports. While currently there is no officially-recognized national team for Rhythmic Gymnastics in the UAE, YOSORG strives to raise world-class competitive level young athletes where on various international events they may have the opportunity to represent the UAE or their respective nationalities.


Dubai Youth Olympic school follows all Islamic rules and regulations. All students attending to classes have full privacy at the training premises, require to wear appropriate for the religion clothing and being coached and supervised by female coaches only.



Dubai Women Sports


We are working together to promote the culture of women's sports among females and society according to our customs and traditions and to provide best opportunities for women to exercise and support them for major sports achievements. 


~ Towards a promise future for the sport of women ~