Embrace the graceful art of gymnastics in UAE at the premier Dubai dance academy

Gymnastics merges the beauty and grace of dancing as a performance art, with the physical prowess and application of competitive sports. Its athletes are some of the most impressive athletic specimens today. In fact, it is widely believed that gymnasts are the most coordinated, powerful, and explosive athletes in the world. They combine extreme flexibility with pinpoint coordination and awe-inspiring strength, in order to perform extraordinary feats of balance and vigour.

It is a pursuit that trains both the mind and the body to achieve excellence. If you want to find an outstanding gymnastics girls school in UAE that provides a complete and intensive program for training, come to the premiere Dubai dance academy today – Dubai Youth Olympic School of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Classes at our school are open to girls and teenagers all over the country.

A gymnastics girls school in fierce pursuit of excellence and perfection

Here at YOSORG, our mission is to introduce young girls and teenagers to the beauty of the sport in the UAE. We are more than a conventional ballet school and gymnastics club. Through close training and intensive character building, our gymnastics club aims to develop girls into women of confidence and strength. Under the guidance and headship of Honoured Master of Sports, International Coach, and Physical Education Expert Ksenia Dzhalaganiya, we aim to cultivate enthusiasts into professional world-class athletes who can be trained and groomed to be part of the UAE national gymnastics team through intensive dance classes.

Ignite an interest in the sport amongst girls in UAE

Other than developing women athletes to represent the country through the UAE national gymnastics team, we also aim to spark an interest in the sport amongst girls and women in the country. We believe that, whether you are living in Dubai or in any other emirate, you can succeed in this sport through hard work, perseverance, and a thirst for learning.